Hard core kung fu action

Don’t you hate it when someone critiques your work.

Makes you feel like they’re picking on you.

Then after the anger passes you reflect on what they said.

Well this happened to me yesterday when I casually dropped in on a curator in a well established art centre.

And after a quick bit of hard core kung fu action he agreed with me.

Ok that really didn’t happen. What he made me think about is do I have a collection of images that tell a story, portray a common theme? A collection that will really stand out from everyone else?

Am I the one, do I have what they call the way (kung fu terminology)?

Well the little demon inside me thinks..

I do things my way and I do them for a reason – to shoot adventure for inspiration with real people.

Being a photographer, art lover what defines you?

The Wheelbarrow Way

Starting in Mareeba and finishing 140 kilometres later in Chillagoe, the Great Wheelbarrow Race has completed its 10th year. I’m pretty sure they had 57 teams and over 400 competitors, but don’t quote me on that, it’s media right?

Unlike many other races this is a very family orientated and community event. There were a few characters that really stood out, the Fossil being an iconic 76 year old man who broke the 1000km mark. Brad Weaver and his family as support crew (pictured below) and the blistering sheer pace the lead teams set.

In a team of 10 each member would take turns in a sprint lasting 20 seconds then swap, on the other hand the solos would pace out the day.

If you’re ever after an event that’s full of spirit, fundraising for charities and have a love of the outback, this one has my approval.

Mike Le Roux running Red Bluff

Profile shoot Mike Le Roux – Ultra Running – Red Bluff, Cairns

Like holy sh*t you don’t get a photo like this every day. Thanks to Nikon for looking after my lens for the last eight weeks, sometimes repairs take a little bit longer than expected.

Well hopefully since stunting my creativity someone got some great use out of this lens and it wasn’t just sitting on a bench somewhere.

Anyway moving on..

I’d like to share what a few of my friends are up to:

John from My Camera Focus sells some serious photography gear, cheap, get over there and check out his personal gear list. John is gear savvy and knows what he is talking about, so if you need to call him here’s his # 0413 667 356.

My great mate Perrin is having a Seascape Photo Comp this month. With $350 in gift vouchers to Image Bank Australia, what more incentive do you need? I’ve put my entry in what about you?

Cairns Adventure Film Festival is starting next week it’s gonna absolutely rock! As a judge I’ve already voted on the best adventure photos yet. Great to see a diverse range of entries and some really talented photographers out there. Come along and see how awesome it really is.

I know a great photographer who is available to photograph the Cairns Airport Adventure Festival in just over a week.. hint hint!

Paddlemag and Hot Yoga

Adventure.. the hell with adventure when you have a chick like this.

Beautiful sunrise, beautiful weather, gorgeous model, perfect location and a breakfast to kill for afterwards. This is what teaching photography is all about.

The perks.. haha moving on.

Remember all that whitewater action earlier in the year. Well I made nine pages.

As Patrick Kinsella put it.

“Monsoon madness was a rocking, rolling, hucking, boofing extravaganza of whitewater paddling”

You can check out the rest of the epic stories in Paddlemag’s first edition 46mb jam packed full of action. Or see their website at

Youth Week, Tips and a Chook

I’ve had a sensational week with the privilege of photographing the events of Youth Week. Gordonvale Movie Night, Inclusive Games Day, Suicide and our Community, Declan Crouch Facebook Page Launch, Spark Your Say, Uniquity Art Exhibition and to finish off, The Amazing Race. A big thanks to Glen Martin from Cairns Regional Council for creating such a rad event.

Images above from The Amazing Race and below from everything else.

More images on Cairns Yea! Crew


  1. Use your largest aperture
  2. You can never get too close
  3. Look for light not objects
  4. Compose for the third
  5. Keep moving

What do you use? Tell me what works or doesn’t on Extreme’s Facebook page.

Gary and Prize Chook

Getting a hand in on adventure

Shane White – Bouldering – Trinity Beach

Hey Peeps,

Busy week so I’ll make it quick.

Morning hunger, have a client you not looking foward to meeting, bang your head in the shower, breakfast is oats again.

Could your morning be any worse?

Well um.. that’s up to you.

What can I offer?

Not much really. Except.

Come to Billy’s Coffee at Rustys Markets every Friday for some fresh adventure inspiration (like the image above) and a coffee of course.


My new Me at work Facebook album, like Extreme Photography while your there.

Have you got the mustard?

How was your Easter Weekend?

Do you ever browse through Facebook make the occasional comment just to get more friends? Well I do.. and this time I happened to stumble across this great article of the Top five regrets of the dying.

  1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.
  2. I wish I didn’t work so hard.
  3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
  4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
  5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

Anyway lets move on.. not literally, but let’s dabble in hot mustard.

Not the mustard you eat!

Speaking of mustard. What I want to know is..

Have you got the mustard?

I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to do something a bit ‘out there’ – there’s nothing like shooting and producing a series of stunning images that are totally one of a kind, that you know nobody else has got. Sometimes it’s tough work to find these and that’s where YOU come in.

Are you doing something that the Average Joe would call ‘completely crazy’? To all you adventurous folk out there do you have any ideas?

If so, then you might just have the mustard…

What is the mustard? It’s having the balls or nerve, the ability to succeed or come up to expectations, being able to ‘hack it’ or pass muster when the occasion arises….

So if that’s the case, then gimme a call and let’s make a deal on a shoot.

Davies Creek, Garbage Trucks and the whole kit and caboodle

Sensational weather greeted us for Monday night’s camping trip at Davies Creek. The afternoon sun glowed and we all were silent with thoughts of ‘Oh how lucky I am to be here right now’. The night sky was breathtaking and just being away from the ‘not so bright’ city lights of Cairns just reminded us of how amazing the stars really are and we are only in one arm of the Milky Way!

See the rest of the story here


What’s involved in a shoot people ask?

It doesn’t mean simply showing up on the day and taking a few photos. The organisation of the whole kit and caboodle can be mind boggling. From pre-consultation, equipment needed, phone calls, coordination of people, reconnaissance of location, working within a time frame and of course the sticky question, pricing. In this instance, Tane’s (Cairns Rope Access) vital role in the rigging was instrumental in helping me to be right in the thick of the action.

All for 10 seconds of shooting!

Picture this:

An early morning coffee on your verandah, the birds are chirping, all is quiet, and then..



F#$ it’s that bloody garbage truck roaring down your street with a huge arse sticker on the side..

Before you jump out of your seat and say “Wow! Muzza is that yours?” I have to be humble and say ‘only the bin is my mine’ the others are stock. Anyway who could say their photography has infiltrated into the lives of all Cairnsberrians? Yep that’s right 27 trucks stamped with the Extreme approval visiting your door every week.

Who’s next? 0402 706 763

The best of Australian kayaking talent

Wild weather, torrential rain, incessant rain, flooding, mini tornados what else could you ask for.. right?

Right! Wrong, no I mean right!

Anyone in their right mind would be utterly devastated with their house flooding or roof coming off. But this moment is what I and seven handfuls of crazy kayakers have been waiting for. Rivers peaking, roads cut, two Australian national competitions and Monsoon Madness White Water Festival coming this weekend in Cairns.

Best of Australian talent, testing their skills against forces of Mother Nature at her toughest.


  • Sat 24th – AJ Hackett Big Gorge Shoot Out at Crystal Cascades
  • Sun 25th – Australian National Freestyle Titles on the Barron River

Guess who’s going to be there?

Extreme Photography with bells on!

It’s not all about capturing adrenaline pumping, sphincter clenching action. That is only part of the story. Documenting the preparation required, equipment setup, friendships formed and tough training involved to reach the pinnacle of competition.

These are the images that will be available online starting next week.
I’d hate to see these images go to waste.
So what’s your plan?