My Photography Setup for the Great Pyramid Race

Once again the committee of the Great Pyramid Race & Country Fair Association (that’s a mouthful) asked me to photograph the main running race and the days events. Not bad since it’s been one of my first events I ever covered as a outdoor photographer, now it’s my sixth.

I’ve defiantly moved leaps and bounds in my business, photography and organisation of photographing this event. I know contract another great photographer (Stu) to capture the action from a helicopter during the main race. Before I get too excited and explain my setup here’s last years blog on the GPR.

Firstly I research all the materials on this years race, meaning the website, banners, have a meetings with the event & race organiser’s just to make sure I know what’s schedule for the day. And call a week before to wrap up all those little details. I have found research has really helped me evolve in preparing my equipment (not just camera’s) for my long day out.

Below is a list I take to most events and what I use them for.

Basic Equipment – This kit travels with me nearly everywhere, it has all the basic bits ‘n’ pieces needed for any shoot. Versatile enough I can still climb trees and run after my subjects.

  • Nikon D200
  • Nikkor 10.5mm lens
  • Nikkor 17-55mm lens (missing in this image)
  • Nikkor 70-200mm lens
  • SB-800 flash
  • SB-900 flash
  • 2 x Compact flash cards
  • Spare camera batterie
  • 16 AA batteries for flashes
  • Elastic bungy cord to secure flashes to posts/trees
  • Orange ‘n’ green gells

Race Equipment – Including my trusty D200 and 70-200mm lens this is the perfect setup for me on the bike. I have created some really awesome shots with my D2h mounted to the bracket over the back wheel, with a wireless remote taped to the handle bars to fire the shutter release. See the bottom image of me at work. KISS

  • Nikon D2h
  • Nikkor 10.5mm lens
  • Spare CFC & battery
  • Cheap Chinese wireless remote from eBay
  • Trek Ex9 mountain bike
  • Helmet
  • Clip in shoes
  • Spare tube & pump
  • Apple & a bottle of water

Computer Equipment – Always handy for reviewing my creations half way through the day to see where I stand in terms of a storyline of photographs. Backing is very important, by triplicating the files (on CFC, laptop and external hard drive), it leaves less chance of corruption and or loss of data.

  • 13″ MacBook laptop
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
  • 320gb 2.5″ external harddrive
  • Card reader + USB cable
  • Extension Cord
  • Power board

Night & Fireworks – I have found using two camera/tripod setups during the fireworks rewarding, having one camera, tripod, fisheye lens and wireless remote really close (5 – 10m) to the fireworks and the other in hand for that perfect shot. My optimal exposure settings are: ISO 320 2-6 sec f22 Beware of prevailing winds.

  • Carbon Gitzo tripod
  • RRS BH-55 head
  • Manfrotto tripod
  • Manfrotto Pistol grip head

Other Equipment – There is always that other stuff that doesn’t fit into any category, of course whatever makes your day easier and conformable. What are your thoughts.

  • My Commodore wagon to store all my gear
  • Gaffa tape
  • 5 in 1 Reflector
  • Spare set of cloths towel
  • Battery chargers for camera, AA’s (flash), laptop all to plug-in to a cigarette lighter in my car, just in case!

Murray Anderson-Clemence

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed peaking into my working kit, see you Monday.